The Meal Pantry

The Meal Pantry is a collaboration of friends who are also food and beverage managers or chefs.

In March 2020 hospitality venues in Australia were closed to on premise dining as a result of COVID-19.

In the subsequent weeks we found ourselves separated from older family members and friends who had sensibly gone into isolation. Where only the previous week we would prepare and share food for and with them, they were now literally on their own.

At this point we decided to combine our commercial food experience with our home cooking recipes.

We are passionate about food. We have all grown up in households where weekends are spent cooking, entertaining and sharing food.

The Meal Pantry menu has started with our old family recipes, contemporary favourites, and a few takeaway icons.

We have brought our home recipes into the commercial kitchen, played, refined, developed, tasted, and collaborated until we believe we have worthy dishes. These are the dishes, pasta sauces, curries that are of the highest standard, we would choose to cook and eat at home.

 All our meals are cooked from scratch, start to finish. This means that curry pastes are made, not bought, there are no shortcut sauces added for flavour.

We have researched and are very fussy about our base ingredients. We insist on the cuts of beef that give the juiciest product, mince without preservative, the freshest vegetables.

With extensive experience in contemporary hospitality we are very aware and mindful of dietaries, allergies and preferences. We have developed as many dishes as possible to be gluten free. We have worked traditional recipes to create vegan versions. We have a lot of dishes that suit a Keto dietary preference.

We have based our portion sizes on a recommended size for individuals and 550 gram containers for two.

We are preparing food that provides convenience, quality and most importantly, flavour. We are finding there are lots of situations where this is a great option:

Parents looking for an interesting, healthy, tasty option for children who need to be fed earlier, when parents are working.

Professionals with a demanding schedule resulting in less time to cook – let alone plan a meal, shop, cook and clean up afterwards.

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