Lévrier Wines by Jo Irvine

As a second-generation winemaker, Jo Irvine had her career begin at a very early age. Jo followed her father around the winery. This was her first experience in undertaking the ritual tasting of ferments and wine blending.

Then, as often happens she ended up pursuing a very different career as a theatre nurse. Life went the full circle and in the early 90’s she went to University to pursue her enduring passion for winemaking developed all those years earlier. A few years later and working six vintages straight in both the Barossa Valley and California USA, she made her passion her career.

In 2014, Jo's dream of her own brand began and by late 2017 Lévrier Wines by Jo Irvine was born . 

Levrier, a French word meaning Greyhound, combines her love of winemaking and the advocacy she has for the greyhound breed as pets, which has been a major part of her life for over twenty years. A chance encounter, many years ago with Chilli, her first greyhound, set her on this unique journey in celebrating both famous greyhounds and quality wines.

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