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Shop Local SA is exhibiting at the Royal Adelaide Show this year SA and showcasing our vendors to over 500,000 visitors!  

If you are coming to the show this year, we would love to catch up with you. We'll be there every day in Goyder Pavilion.


We invite you to enter our Royal Adelaide Show competition where you will get the chance to win a $100 voucher to use on any businesses on Shop Local SA.

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We are also offering $5 vouchers to use on Shop Local SA during Show week. Come and grab one at the show or claim yours at Shop Local SA.

Terms and Conditions:

Things to Know Before You Go

  • OPEN/CLOSE TIMES: The Royal Adelaide Show is on from 3 – 11 September (2 full weekends) and opens at 9am every day. The Carnival attractions operate until 10pm daily with the exception of Sunday 11th September when they will close at 9.30pm.
  • FIREWORKS:See the RAA ‘Colours of the OUtback’ Fireworks each night to close out the Main Arena: 8pm every night and 9pm on Fridays & Saturdays
  • TICKETS: Pre-purchase tickets for a discount and also to avoid lining up on the day. Kids under 5 years are FREE, older children start from $15.50 and adults from $24.50  Click here for all ticket infoRide Coupons can also be pre-purchased in advance at up to 20% regular prices
  • PURCHASE a few necessary or useful items in advance.  If the weather is looking sketchy maybe buy a few ponchos to take. For safety, we recommend the awesome reusable Infobands that you can attach to your child’s wrist (or jeans etc) and hold your phone number for peace of mind if they go missing. The great thing about these is you need 2  hands to remove them (so they can’t pull them off!). The Info booths just inside the gates often offer a similar, free, single-use paper one too.
  • SHOWBAGS: The Showbag Listing goes up on the Show’s official website on August 18th. Give older kids a budget and get them to choose their Showbags in advance to reduce the stress and any conflict about overspending on the day. Perhaps even do show bags last to avoid carrying them around – just pick them up on your way out. Grab the show bag guide here: or to see some of our favourite show bags for this year scroll to the bottom of this post.
  • PLAN YOUR DAY: There are lots to see, do, eat and play at The Show. To make the most of the day, plan out the highlights with each family member getting to add a few things to the list so that everyone has fun. If you need some inspiration on itineraries check out this link to plan your day.



  • Moorish Mum and Dad’s Showbag $28
  • Darrell Lea Healthy Snacking Showbag $25
  • Rural Aid: For Our Mates in the Bush $17
  • Minecraft Showbag $35
  • Gabby’s Dollhouse Showbag $35
  • Kangaroo Beachbag $30
  • AFL Port Adelaide and Crows Showbag $26
  • Kids Music Maker Showbag $28
  • CHATIME Bubble Tea Showbag $25
  • The Kitty Showbag – for the Cat Lover $22


  • Marie Claire $416.16 value
  • Stella Athletic Spring $340.02 value
  • Stella Athletic Autumn $340.02 value
  • The Australian Women’s Weekly $310.76 value
  • Better Homes and Gardens $305.18 value
  • Men’s Style $300.37
  • Women’s Health Magazine $257.77
  • Tilly & Co $244.96 value
  • Men’s Health Magazine $219.22 value


  • Bertie Beetle $3
  • Wizz Fizz Lil Fizz Bag $4
  • After Shocks Showbag $5
  • Bertie Beetle Gold $5
  • Cadbury Caramello Koala $5
  • Cadbury Cherry Ripe $5
  • Cadbury Crunchie $5
  • Cadbury Curly Wurly $5
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk $5
  • Cadbury Freddo $5


  • Lindt Box of Blocks $125
  • Melba’s Choc-A-Block Bag $60
  • Lindt Box of 100 Balls $55
  • Morish Jumbo Showbag $52
  • Charlesworth Mammoth Showbag $45
  • Australian Harvest $46
  • Menz Massive Showbag $45
  • Lindt Box of 75 Balls $43
  • Morish Nuts and Nougats Showbag $42
  • Beanie Boo Bag 4 $40

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide 2022



Looking for the perfect Father's Day gifts for your dad? We're here to help! With the best collection of Father's Day gifts from local South Aussie businesses for every dad, grandpa, father-in-law, and father figure, you'll find the ideal gift to match his interests.

Whether your dad is a beer enthusiast or a lover of seafood, the outdoorsy type or an AFL fan, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect present below. Everything here is available to ship and will arrive in time for the big day to make things even easier.

Edible Blooms:


At Edible Blooms, we’re here to make the world a more joyful and connected place – and we’ve been busy doing that ever since we launched in 2005.  
Today we also offer much more than just our signature edible bouquet arrangements. Our range has literally ‘bloomed’ to include gourmet gift hampers, living plant gifts and farm fresh flower deliveries. Our gifts are local, prepared with love and delivered directly to your door. They can even be personalised to make your loved one feel super special! 

Browse hampers

Belve Foods:


Region: Adelaide Metro

Treat the whole family with a selection of famous pork pies, quiche and freshly baked muffins on Fathers Day with Belve Foods.

Proudly owned by the Burke family, for over twenty years, together with our team, we have been producing famous handcrafted pies, pastries and specialty foods for supermarket delis and local food businesses throughout South Australia.

With a rustic and bespoke charm, our products are not only beautifully aesthetic, they are full of fillings and flavours that will warm your soul. Every product is individually handmade, we do not take shortcuts or add unnatural additives to our foods. Instead, every Belve recipe is selected with the same type of basic and quality ingredients people would traditionally use at home.

Browse the menu here

Kirkbright Seafood


Region: Adelaide Metro

Is your Dad a fan of crayfish? Look no further than Krirkbright Seafood Co. - a South Australian family-owned seafood wholesale & retail business operating from 11 Duthy Street in Unley, South Australia.

Being a small family business, Kirkbright Seafood Co. prides itself on supporting other local families in the seafood industry. These include families that grow, catch or transport their locally grown or caught fish and shellfish species

Place your order here

Sunny Skye Prints:



Looking for something unique or a customised gift? Sunny Skye Prints create a range of unique art, produced from original watercolour paintings by Zoe Clayson.

Inspired by animals and nature, our Custom Family Prints are a beautiful way to capture the essence of your loved ones.

Order print for your Father here

Port Mall Newsagency


Port Mall Newsagency is regarded as one of the leading news agencies in South Australia and is situated in the heart of the historic Port Adelaide business area.  Port Mall Newsagency we offer a huge range of products and services, including an extensive range of AFL Licensed Products.

Browse the collection here

Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions


Free delivery for orders over $50

Specially formulated for the Dad that loves fishing. We only use the purest ingredients to create and manufacture some of the best Natural Multifunctional Animal Feed Supplements and 100% Pure Tasmanian Salmon Fish Oil products for the Australian and NZ markets with Global inquiries and expansion on the horizon.

We are also proud to be an Australian Made & Owned Licensee and our products proudly display the Australian Made & Owned Logo, which is keeping jobs and profits in Australia...

Browse the shop here

River Brothers Coffee Roasters


Rival Brothers Coffee Roasters is a small family-owned business providing quality coffee, based in the Western suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. Rival Brothers is also pleased to offer our retro vintage van for hire. So if you are looking at hosting an event or function, get in touch with us to discuss our van hire packages.

Shop the latest range here

Silver Bark Brewery


Silver Bark Brewery is a premium microbrewery in the Adelaide Hills, serving only the best selection of craft beer for you to enjoy. With our master brewer’s expertise, we deliver unique, personally handcrafted specialty beers that embrace the rich and rustic flavours of an authentic craft beer. You can purchase our products here and splurge on the deliciously irresistible goodness that’s bottled to perfection.

Order your Dad's favourite now

Dinko Seafood:


Region: Eyre Peninsula

Dinko Seafoods is widely recognised as a pioneer of the global tuna farming industry. We know the gold standard… because we created it.

Our seafood produce – Southern Bluefin Tuna, Western King Prawns and Australian Sardines – is ocean fresh, quality Australian produce. 

Premium quality... superior taste!

Dad will smile when he sees this on the dinner table!

Shop now ->

Old Coach Road Estate


Want to spoil Dad for a weekend getaway? Old Coach Road Estate provides luxurious, 4.5 star accredited and environmentally friendly, self-contained accommodation for up to 8 guests on a secluded 200 acre property on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, just an hour south of Adelaide.

The unique Old Coach Road Estate provides immersive experiences and superb accommodation surrounded by natural beauty.

Shop now



Ngeringa is one of Australia's original certified bio-dynamic and regenerative vineyards, situated on the slopes of Mount Barker Summit in the Adelaide Hills.

Ngeringa wines are made from estate-grown fruit, hand picked and wild yest fermented.

They are fine, expressive wines with vitality that reflects our terroir.

Spoil your Dad now

All Custom Engineering Fabrication


All Custom Engineering Fabrication (ACE Fabrication) is a fast-growing, rural business that delivers high-quality, customised metal work for its customers in South Australia. ACE Fabrication are expert in the market because our customers are the designers of our product range. Our passion is to focus on solutions and be innovative while delivering high-quality, customised metal work for our customers.

Browse the catalogue here


by Nic Jones

Shop Local SA


Australia is home to over 3.5 million small businesses who are the backbone of our economy. Whether it’s a butcher, greengrocer, florist, or local retailer our small businesses keep our country running.

SHOP LOCAL SA is all about supporting local South Australian businesses. Check out our blog to find out some ways you can help the small businesses in your community and discover the other benefits of shopping locally. 

Shopping locally can impact so much more than our wallets. From simple reasons like convenience to ones that affect the environment and local economy, here are 10 of the most impactful reasons to shop local and how it benefits you and the world around you.
Why shop local?

1. It’s convenient

Convenience plays a huge part in our lives. After all, how easy is it to just ‘pop to the shop’ when it’s within walking distance? Today, many people opt to shop locally because of its proximity to home. But shopping on Shop Local SA is the perfect alternative for those who can’t leave their house or simply don’t want to. It provides the benefits of local shopping without the downsides of purchasing at large online retailers.

2. It’s better for the environment by helping reduce your carbon footprint

Most people are conscious about their environmental impact, whether trying to limit their single-use plastic, travelling more ethically or avoiding driving when they can. For this reason, shopping locally and more sustainably is perfectly suited for those being mindful of their environmental impact. However, not everyone has the luxury of visiting an actual store. Where this is the case, online shops, such as Shop Local SA, can be the ideal alternative.

3. You help support local businesses

This is one of the most important reasons to shop local. Independent businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic. As a result, many enterprises have struggled to keep afloat or find new ways to service customers. Buying from a local business, whether from a market stall, an actual shop or an online shop, is a great way to support them both financially and figuratively by showing you love what they do. This means they’ll be able to continue doing the great work that they do.

4. You invest in your community

Of course, shopping in a local business helps it financially, but it also supports the wider local economy and community. It’s an excellent opportunity to see new businesses continue to open and prosper within the neighbourhood. In turn, thriving independent businesses can help keep communities alive – this means there are sporting clubs for your kids to play in, local churches and community groups, vibrant main streets, thriving schools and excellent health care in communities.

Boston Football Club


Boston Sports Association is home to Boston Football, Netball & Basketball Clubs. The Boston Football Club has come a long way from those humble beginnings in 1972 and now we celebrate our golden anniversary in 2022. Local community can support the club by purchasing the merchandise through their online store.

5. It helps create demand for local jobs

In addition to investing in your community, you can also help improve employment rates within the area by using local shops. Local businesses often provide a large number of jobs to communities, and, in some cases, can even be someone’s first workplace to help kick-start their career. As the business grows, so too will the employment opportunities and local economy. Remember our small business sector is our country’s largest employer!

6. There are great deals to be found

Local shops rely on footfall from local people. Smaller independent shops are likely to have fewer people visiting and shopping with them than more prominent mainstream brands. This means they often have to create deals that help bring in customers. This is something that larger shops might not necessarily do, resulting in a win-win for both customers looking to make a purchase and the business itself.

7. You’re likely to find quality products

Local shops and businesses may not always be able to compete with larger chain stores and brands in terms of advertising. However, unlike larger stores that have to stock many products, local businesses are more likely to focus on the quality of the things they sell rather than the quantity. Shop Local SA has made it easy for you to find quality products you might not otherwise discover in pockets of our state you may not get a chance to visit – and they can be delivered directly to your door. 

Alternative cosmetic brand that is made in South Australia

Brayfield Park Lavender


Brayfield Park began with our family of five on the old farm in Wellington, South Australia. With four generations and twenty-two hands to pitch in, everyone has a role to play – from Great Grandma sewing wheat bags right down to the smallest hands ‘helping’ to fill muslin bags with dried lavender.

Visit Brayfield Park Lavender online shop

8. Items and food are more likely to be sustainably sourced

Unfortunately, high demand for resources and global warming have had a profound effect on the world. But if we want the same products to be around for future generations, we need to think more ethically in our day-to-day life. Regardless of whether you’re looking for something for kids, gifts for the home or food and drink items, sustainability goes a long way. Many local shops pride themselves on sourcing food and products using more responsible practices.

Some of the sustainable brands on Shop Local SA:



The home of handcrafted bespoke leather handbags and jaw-dropping accessories, Sunshine Barossa is your stop when you want to say farewell to fast fashion and invest in something to treasure for years to come. 

All the leather she uses was destined for landfill, so it's a nice way of keeping the beauty of that animal going. Vegan can also choose her range made from Portugal high-end cork.

Visit store now.

9. There’s more chance of finding the weird, wonderful and quirky

Big brands usually follow a pattern of selling mass-created, trending seasonal products, whereas local and independent shops stock items that are traditionally made more locally and not available anywhere else. Whether it’s the pattern, design or the flavours of the product, its uniqueness means there is very little chance you’ll find it elsewhere. 

10. Reduced pollution from transportation

A major reason why shopping locally is better for the planet is quite simply that goods don’t have to travel anywhere near as far to reach you. Just consider the impact of supermarket veg that has come halfway around the world to land on your dinner plate, versus fresh produce that comes from a farm in your local area.

By buying locally, you can help to cut carbon emissions and air pollution - whether that’s by reduced food miles or indeed transportation of any other item. It’s better for the planet and helps support the local economy, too.

When residents and neighbours work locally, they also save time, money, and energy commuting to jobs that might otherwise be farther away. Depending on where you live, local jobs might enable neighbours to walk or bike to work instead of drive. This is beneficial to building better communities and reducing pollution from commuting. 

Use Shop Local SA for all your shopping needs

Shop Local SA makes it easier to shop locally by bringing your local shops and business together in one place, allowing you to search for items easily or choose to look at the products in your favourite shops instead. It’s never been easier to shop locally, support small businesses and make greener everyday choices.

If this blog has inspired you to shop locally to build your local community please like and share our blog, and jump on the Shop Local SA and make a purchase from a local!


by Nic Jones


E-commerce is a big priority for businesses these days. The digital landscape can be confusing as there are multiple options, all at different price points, commission percentages, and levels of difficulty in setting up. More often than not, business owners are just outright confused, and confused people do nothing. We have pulled together some important information on the things you need to consider when looking at building an e-commerce website. 


For those that don’t want to use a web designer to create their online presence, there are e-commerce options available but they don’t come for free.


Shopify is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms.  It gets expensive though with monthly fees of approximately $42 AU per month for a basic plan. That's approximately $500 per year just to host a website. You also have to pay for your domain name which can be anywhere from $20 - $50 per year. 

Setting the account up is the easy part! Now you have to build your website. The time it takes to do this depends on how many products you have. If you just fill out the boxes and set up the basics your website will look fairly plain Jane (still takes an average of approx 20 hours to complete this stage). If you choose to learn the design process yourself, you could invest another 30 hours into it and still need external help (think about your hourly rate x 20 hours and it starts to add up). Depending on how complex your inventory and shipping rules are, you might need to get some expert help to create custom features. The cost to hire a Shopify web builder starts from $1,000 and can be up to $30,000.

As a conservative estimate for the first year, your set up cost with Shopify would start from $2700. For those with a small online range, or limited technical understanding this figure can blow right out and eat away any profits. 


Some business owners realise that e-Commerce websites can be challenging to build. Confusion leads to procrastination, delay and frustration, along with lost time, money and resources. Engaging a web developer can be expensive. It’s important to get 3 quotes at all times, and check their previous work to make sure they are reputable. 

To engage a web developer, you need anywhere from $1000 – $30,000. There is no set price for building an online store because the cost varies for different companies, depending on the functionality you need. You still have to pay for your domain name, hosting fee and SSL certificate (if it’s not built using a platform like Shopify). All of this can cost you around $300 per annum.

Your website will need regular updating if your products change regularly.  Again this is more time and if you need to engage a web developer to do this for you, you are looking at an hourly rate of $120 - $200/hour.


Cyber security insurance is something to look into when you are looking at creating an e-commerce business. Don’t assume that you’re covered just because you have public liability, management liability or other business insurance policies in place. Cyber insurance policies cover your risk exposure and, at the very least, includes cover for things like business interruption, loss of data, legal expenses and data recovery. On average, a cyber security insurance policy for your online store will cost around $1000 per year.


According to the latest research, most small business owners spend around $40,000 in their first year, with 9% of that allocated to online business needs. 


Joining an e-commerce marketplace is another option to sell your products online with minimal initial set up costs. Every year, the 18 biggest marketplaces sell $1 trillion worth of products. The 2022 Australia Post E-Commerce Industry Report states that 5.4 mil households purchased online monthly in 2021. Having a Business listed in an online marketing is key in ensuring you have the best digital footprint to be able to access these consumers. 


Some of the popular online marketplaces such as Ebay, Amazon and Etsy offer you established traffic but come with big competition from overseas retailers. Customers are price sensitive and will compare prices among hundreds of retailers who sell the same products. It is not easy to compete with already established retailers from overseas who have user reviews and selling history. 

Shop Local SA is an online marketplace full of products and experiences from South Australian businesses. It provides a one-stop-shop for consumers to buy online knowing they are supporting local. 

Shop Local SA is all about contributing to the success of South Australian businesses, underpinning thriving communities and supporting trade between consumers and South Australian businesses.

Our local team works at state, region and town level and helps support South Australian businesses to leverage the strong Shop Local movement.

So, whether you are new to selling online or are looking to bring a new distribution channel into your digital business model we invite you to join us on the journey to bring what consumers are looking for – an easy way to support local.

Learn more here …

Port Adelaide Enfield Council Local Shopper Grant 2022


PAE Local Shopper Grants - Buy Local

The program is a ‘Buy Local’ initiative providing relief to local PAE businesses that continue to be negatively affected by COVID-19 mandated restrictions to promote themselves into new online channels, put on activations, build a better connection with their customers, and host innovative ideas that will interest their local area.


Applications can be submitted at any time and will be assessed on an ongoing basis. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within two weeks from submission.

Before submitting your application, we strongly encourage you to contact our Business Advisors on 8405 6600 or email at [email protected] or [email protected]

The grant program has two funding streams:

1. Digital Shopper (up to $2,000 + GST)  
Supports local businesses by increasing their online presence and capabilities, leveraging eCommerce as a sustainable and profitable sales channel. It allows businesses to explore new marketing channels and promote their services/products quickly to both existing and new customers (especially those living in PAE) via Shop Local SA. This online platform, tailored to SA businesses, exists to support local businesses to establish or expand their e-commerce, be more visible online, and connect with more customers in SA and beyond.

Examples of eligible initiatives would include:

  • tourism business reaching new audiences via offering their services on Shop Local SA
  • small retail business who is struggling to get established with their own marketing can reach new customers via Shop Local SA and encourage local shoppers to find them
  • a café wanting to promote coffee bean products to a local audience online and reach new customers

2.In-Person Shopper (up to $1,000 + GST)
Supports local businesses to innovate and put into practice new ideas to bring local customers in. This can be achieved through the set-up, promotion and delivery of targeted activations, events, functions, workshops, and other physical events to bring local shoppers into their business.

Examples of eligible initiatives would include:

  • café putting on art classes for local mums/dads
  • small retail business hosting an in-store event to bring people in
  • a function to attract new customers by a retail or physical business
  • live music events at the local pub/café
  • manufacturing business hosting an event to bring in local customers

For eligibility, please refer to the website:

or reach out to the Shop Local SA team at [email protected].