Barossa Wine Tours

The love of my classic cars, retro dressing & driving friends to new places around my home, the Barossa Valley, led me to what I am doing now.

My tour car was to be a 1955 Plymouth Belvedere in which I could fulfill my dream, but sourcing of parts was disheartening. It was with great regret that I accepted that the way forward was to buy a brand-new car (my first ever) with air conditioning!

Barossa Wine Tours was born!

I am a local tour guide with a passion for discovering new places and introducing myself to new people. My neighborhood is having an upsurge of activity making for exciting times ahead.

My ‘high’ is seeing my guests having fun making new friends on tour, relaxing and having happy memories to take with them at the end of the day. On my tours, people are what matter.

Every day is a holiday when you do what you love!


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