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Trace Foodsteps is a provenance and traceability storytelling platform for the South Australian food and beverage industry. Trace Foodsteps uses online multimedia content to share Producer stories and to promote their products. Trace Foodsteps provides an online shop presence and means for South Australian suppliers to reach new markets. Teresa McLuckie, Founder and Director of Trace Foodsteps, is also an ambassador for South Australian food brands such as The Gourmet Entertainer and Lenswood Foods. Read The Gourmet Entertainer and Lenswood Foods' stories on the Trace Foodsteps website.

The Gourmet Entertainer Hailing from The Adelaide Hills, and now manufacturing in the Barossa Valley, The Gourmet Entertainer’s range of 6 unique, ingredient rich boutique condiments include low and no sugar products.

Lenswood Foods is a collaboration between Adelaide Hills' Lenswood Cold Stores and investors passionate about the South Australian food industry. LF adds value to our fresh fruit and veg to produce products for both trade and retail markets. One of their most popular retail products include freezedried apple in chocolate. The sublime Chocolate component comes from a partnering with Adelaide Hills Foods Emmalines.

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