Pensvale Estate

Our South Australian Freeze-Dried Mandarin is sustainably grown on our citrus orchards which were established in 1897, our mandarins are processed to provide a healthy snack food intended to help consumers snack the whole fruit, maximizing nutritional value, and minimizing food waste. 

Pensvale FD mandarin products are distinguished by their whole-fruit inclusion of both fruit flesh and peels, with no sugar or preservatives, enabling consumers to enjoy pure natural fruit. 

Our Freeze-Dried Mandarin can be used in baking both savory and sweet, toppings for chocolate, dessert, cocktails, smoothies, fruit teas and and salads. Our Freeze dried Mandarin comes in a powder or pieces. We also have many varieties of dehydrated citrus and a delicious marmalade. 

The Packaging we use is recyclable and/or reusable.