Korinya Farm Gate

Korinya Farm Gate is a family owned and operated business with a focus on family, sustainability, education and passion for the animals. Passed down through the generations the butcher shop is a tradition with a modern twist. Korinya Farm Gate bridges the gap between the farm and the customer through education, workshops and connection.

Our Workshops:

Our workshops are different, it is not just making cheese, or making a product. it is showing you how to use those products. In our workshops, we are going to be creating a pizza or cheesecake with the cheeses you have made. In our natural living workshops, we are going to use natural products to create a body product that is going to nourish your skin. We want you to feel empowered and see how simple and achievable it is to make your own natural products and to share this experience with your friends and family.

Our workshops have all been created from an abundance of our farm, and things that we’ve learnt. We really want people to share that with us and know how easy it is to eat nutrient dense foods, and how simple and nourishing it can be.

Gather your friends and family together and come spend a couple of hours with us at our workshops and discover what makes Korinya Farm Gate so special.

Bring a piece of Korinya Farm Gate to your home and feel inspired with the guidance of our online video tutorials and the wonderful kits we’ve created for you.  All Korinya Farm Gate experiences are based on our love of sustainable living, taught in an achievable way so you can be inspired to adopt the practices into your everyday life. The delight experienced by our visitors when they make something beautiful, delicious and utterly nutritious with their own hands, knowing where it has come from and how it was made, makes it taste all the better and only makes our passion grow. We are so pleased to bring this experience to you, wherever you find yourself in the world, with Korinya Farm Gate Workshops At Home.