Salena Estate Wines

Salena Estate Wines is a family-owned grape grower, producer and bottler of premium wines, based in South Australia’s renowned Riverland region.

The company was established in 1998 by wine identities Bob and Sylvia Franchitto and named after their daughter Salena. From the outset, their objective was to become recognised as makers of world-class wines that represent great value in any market that they are offered.

Salena Estate is a truly vertically integrated enterprise. It grows its own grapes, harvests and quickly transports them to a modern winery located on site, and then completes the production process by bottling and packaging before shipping to markets across the globe.

Currently, Salena Estate wines are marketed under a range of brands with variations of packaging and differing price points. Additionally, they are a key exporter for Bulk Wine and highly successful in the OEM market.

Salena Estate Wines is one of the largest producers of organic wine in Australia. Producing approximately 150,000 cases of organic wine annually from nearly 108 hectares of vineyards since just under half of the property was converted in 2009. Becoming certified organic is a 3-year process to convert a vineyard from normal production to organic production. What this means is that the grapes are grown, and the wine is made with no synthetic in-puts, artificial chemicals, pesticides, weedicide, fertilizers and GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).

Salena Estate has recently expanded to have its own Italian restaurant, Cucina 837 at Salena, located at the Riverland winery. Showcasing their Italian heritage through food and wine combined in the most intimate way to date.

Salena Estate believes that its show record of over 1,500 trophies, gold and silver medals and other awards gathered from around the globe is testament to its commitment to quality. So too are the many positive reviews and articles written about its wines.

All of these accolades serve to reinforce the confidence with which wine lovers can choose a Salena Estate wine.

Currently, Salena is working as the Marketing Manager for the company, while son Tyrone has gotten his first job in his area of study, engineering.

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