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Taralee Orchards

Taralee Orchards is a family owned and operated bio-dynamic stonefruit orchard in the Wirrabara Forest. The farm is run by Paul, Raymon and Renae Kretschmer.

Our dried fruit range is all produced on farm. Picking the fruit by hand, slicing the fruits thinly and then packaging the 100% chemical/preservative free solar dried range is all completed by our family and farm workers. Sulphur dried fruit is dried under the summer sun, enhancing the flavour and the vibrant colour of the biodynamically grown fruits.

 The orchard is managed with a strong focus on boosting diversity and aims for continual enhancement of soil, tree health and vitality. Each year we strategically plant a variety of fruit and native trees which suit the soil type and topography of the orchard. Beehives provide the valuable pollination service and Paul harvests their natural forest honey. Along with application of biodynamic preparations and the encouragement of natural pest predators, the orchard produces totally chemical free and fully nutritious handpicked fruits.

We strive for diversity, resilience, and regeneration within and between all our farming enterprises. Organic vegetable production, beef and lamb production, pasture-raised chicken, honey, retreated forest accommodation cottages are all additional aspects of our diverse family farm.  

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