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Brewed By Belinda is an award-winning boutique artisan tea company, creating organic loose leaf tea blends + herbal & fruit tisanes. The debut range of luxury teas are inspired by “the arts” and hand-blended with genuine jazz hands in small batches. The “wellbeing” range is inspired by “longevity” and all of the blends have been developed in collaboration with Adelaide Naturopath, Kirsty King.

All blends are made with premium 100% ORGANIC ingredients and there are no flavourings or additives - just pure, fresh ingredients to bring you calm, nourishment and creativity.

The company was started by Belinda Hellyer in 2015. Belinda is both a Certified Tea Blender and Certified Tea Master with a background in the arts as a performer, producer and arts manager. BBB is the place where her two loves - tea and the arts - pash!

Belinda considers her creations as ‘Art You Can Drink’ as she approaches her work with tea as an artist, working with her creative flow and intuition. Many of the teas have been specially created to support the mind, body and soul in the creative and artistic process. With others, Belinda has put an arty spin on your favourite traditional brews. Her most recent wellbeing range is inspired from a Naturopathic starting point.  Above all, the teas are delicious, healthy and celebrate wellbeing as well as high kicks. To date, her teas have been awarded 30 Golden Leaf Awards and 9 Medals the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards, including Tea Champion in 2021 (See award details below!)

Belinda has always taken a creative approach to her work armed with a pot of tea by her side. She creates custom blends, offers tea education & tea blending workshops and more. Belinda’s mission is for you to experience tea as a tool for creativity and longevity.  Belinda lives in Adelaide, South Australia with her husband Stephen and two gorgeous little boys, Archie and Luca. She drinks tea all day.

Brewed By Belinda is proud to be a female, family team consisting of Belinda, her sister Stephanie & her niece Kelsey. Belinda is the Director, Stephanie freshly blends and packs all of our delicious teas + tisanes and Kelsey manages our operations and marketing. Stellar women! 

At the core of Brewed By Belinda, we pride ourselves on:

  • The use of 100% ORGANIC Ingredients
  • Sourcing high-quality tea, herbs, peels and petals
  • Blending and packaging our luxury products by hand
  • Striking design - inspired by Art Deco and flowers of significance
  • Unique and fun stories behind each tea blend
  • Our personalised customer service
  • Our integrity
  • Our high standards
  • Attention to detail

These are the things we never want to let go of.

Our teas can be bought packaged in three ways. Our gift style canisters, handmade in Japan by skilled craftspeople, are the most beautiful thing and are 100% recyclable. They have a gold metal inner plug in lid to keep your tea ultra fresh. We also sell in foil lined, air tight zip lock stand up pouches (say that 3 times!) in both standard and bulk sizes. We care greatly for our environment and, as such, we are happy to offer a refill service for your canisters or pouches.

To make things easy for you to get brewing, we also have a beautiful range of lovely teaware for sale.

Oooohhh fancy…

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