Puppy Pack

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This Puppy Pack is sure to have all the basic essentials when getting your puppy! 

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Puppy Pack 

Get yourself prepared with this standard Puppy Pack! 

  • 1 x 3kg Bag Black Hawk Puppy Kibble - Lamb or Chicken
  • 1 x 100g Prime100 Fillets Pack - Lamb, Duck, Turkey, Chicken or Kangaroo
  • 1 x Kazoo Furries Toy - Cow, Horse, Pig or Elephant
  • 1 x Kazoo Healthy Gums Sling Small Toy - Colours may vary
  • 1 x 250ml Silicon Pop-Out Bowl - Colours may vary
  • 1 x LickiMat Slomo - Colours may vary
  • 1 x Black Hawk Kibble Measuring Cup 
  • 1 x Black Hawk 'My New Puppy' A Comprehensive Guide

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