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Sixty Eight Roses Wines has been in the making for a few years now, and after much hard work, have finally launched our first commercial wine in 2020, our 2019 Syrah. This Syrah has been made using grapes from the very vineyard that has been in our family since the beginning over 40 years ago. It is made with organic wine making techniques, and minimal intervention. Our Riverland varieties produce wild floral notes, plum cherry and chocolate flavours. 

My parents migrated from Greece in the 60’ & 70’s and my mum worked at the local canary named Berri Fruit Juice. At the time, Australia had a huge intake of migrants from Greece, and the Riverland was a perfect home for them given the abundance of fruit to be picked. They met in the early 70’s, got married had their first born, and together they bought our family farm at Chilton road in Berri. The farm was full of apricots, peaches, plums, pears, sultana grapes, shiraz grapes, muscatels, gordo, we basically had a fruit salad farm. There were so many flavours.

My parents had four children. And ask any of us and we will tell you the same story, we don’t ever remember having your “typical” summer holidays. Together we would work hard, back breaking work and pick fruit all summer, as well as naturally drying hand cut peaches and apricots and sultanas on the drying racks. We would pick grapes for some well known wineries and fruit for local dried fruit suppliers. Of course, these grapes and fruit were always picked by hand and placed into baskets or hessian sacks. We would load them into the front ford, tractor loader (no machines used).  Like many others business owners, we have absolutely had ups and downs being grape/fruit farmers. It hasn’t been an easy road.

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