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Ghee - 275ml

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If you like butter, then Ghee-whiz you're going to love OMGhee. We're Austrlias only, biodynamic, organic, small batch ghee producers sparking joy one healthy jar of OMGhee at a time.

Located in South Australia using quality single source South Australian biodynamic, organic, grass fed butter from Paris Creek Farm.

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Be one of the first in South Australia to taste this most luxurious and healthiest of ghee.

Perfect for the ghee connoisseur.

OMGhee is Australia's First and only Biodynamic, organic ghee handmade with butter from grass-fed cows.

Our butter is singularly sourced from the renowned South Australian Paris Creek Farms.

1000 years in the making, this ghee is handmade to ancient ayurvedic tradition and this is reflected in its taste. 

Simply use as a butter replacement at a ratio of 1-1 and enjoy increased wellbeing.

Used in Ayurvedic medicine it has been proven to build immunity, reduce inflamation, and increase the bioavailabity of the foods you eat.

A warm, toasty, caramelised - with butterscotch undertone, this Ghee is Gheelicious and guaranteed to make you go OMG!

Join the Ghee Gang at www.facebook.com/omgheeaustral... 

Organic, biodynamic, grassfed, Paris Creek Farm unsalted butter

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