Paula Holyoake Healing

Reiki Master/Teacher - Psychic Medium - Yin Yoga Teacher - NDIS Spiritual Support

Hi, I'm Paula. I offer private in person and online Healing sessions from Semaphore (SA Western Beaches) 

Once you purchase, I will contact you ASAP within 24 hours to book your session. Availability is Monday to Saturday inc. Monday to Thursday evenings.

I love to help you HEAL from stress, burnout, trauma, grief and illness & RE-CONNECT with your SPIRITUALITY and LIGHT. I can help you navigate spiritual awakening and work on moving away from toxic situations towards happier and healthier ones for a more fulfilled and peaceful life.

I host Reiki 1 & 2 Training 1:1 or in small groups. You will often find me at Psychic & Wellness Fairs. 

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You can also ask questions/ book direct on 0435 820 426 or [email protected]

About Me:

I'm a Home Loan Adviser turned Reiki Master Teacher! This happened over a 6 year personal healing journey starting at 43 years of age. I let go of a traditional lifestyle where I thought I had no choices. I built a new life learning and healing myself (which will continue forever by the way ;-)

Now I love sharing and teaching everything I've learnt to help you too. My job as a Healer is to help you find Healer within yourself.

I believe this journey started when I hit "rock bottom". I was critically depressed, in chronic pain every day, taking multiple medications to go to a job I hated, and function in a relationship that was no longer working. My body was literally screaming at me - no more!!

Yoga opened the door to spirituality for me at that time and a big awakening, which led to many life changes. Then the door opened to Reiki which opened up my natural psychic and mediumship gifts that I've since developed. I've had many amazing spiritual teachers and mentors. I couldn't ever imagine going back to a 9-5 or working for someone else. I'm so happy and grateful to be on this path. 

I have a cuddly little Fox Terrier x called Beau who helps me at the studio!

NDIS Funding is welcome for tailored social support with a spiritual flavour - 1:1 or small groups. Special area of mental health. Contact me privately 0435 820 426 / [email protected]

I am inclusive & proudly LGBTQIA+ owned and operated and neuro-diverse friendly.

It's been said my "delivery is thoughtful, calm and caring with the sacred connection and respect for my work being heartfelt by each client".

Reiki Healing

Reiki is the channelling of universal divine pure loving energy sent for healing. The energy flows through my hands to you, working with the chakras (the energy centres of the body) to access all layers - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The healing can be hands on or off. There is nothing for you to do except trust, relax and receive!  It can help with anxiety, depression, relaxation, illness, dealing with crisis / loss / trauma, letting go of suffering and cutting cords with past relationships. I have known people to heal long term physical ailments, see deceased loved ones and cut cords with the energy of old wounds and grief during my sessions. I will help you feel at ease with your intentions understood to receive the most out of the session. I will often receive psychic and mediumship messages during sessions Reiki. 

If you're interested in being trained in Reiki privately with me reach out on 0435 820 426

Psychic Mediumship Angel Readings 

Positive readings of love, guidance, and messages from spirit. 

I will ask you for questions and give you practical guidance to help you feel more at peace, connected to passed loved ones, and aligned with your life purpose.

I work with natural psychic and mediumship gifts which I've developed over time, to pass on guidance and messages through the Archangels and loved ones in spirit, with the help of my guides.

Using all the psychic senses I am shown pictures, given names and stories to help communicate with you. My intention is to learn and share ways of living in alignment for your highest good, for your upmost peace and validate your passed loved ones being still as close as when they were living. 

Online readings can be recorded and sent by email for you to keep and replay forever.

Yin Yoga:

Yin / Restorative Yoga is about slowing down to find safety and space to connect with and be within your body in a deep way. It can be a beautiful experience for relaxation, rejuvenation and re-balancing your energy by releasing tension and blockages. Importantly, it works with the nervous system so can help with pain management, recovery from illness and many conditions such as Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression and Addictions.

I am so passionate about this because it literally helped me heal chronic neck pain and depression which were previously being treated by multiple doctors and medication. This style of Yoga provides an access point to firstly feel and acknowledge, then learn and address the underlying causes in a loving, natural and healthy way.

Yin Yoga gives space to process and release Trauma which can help guide you toward a more authentic, aligned, free and peaceful way of being. It's a gentle practice.

A healing session is made up of key long held poses (think 3-5 minute deep juicy targeted stretches), deep guided relaxation and Reiki energy healing which can be done during/end of the session or using the Reiki table. I use music and candles to set the scene and provide everything needed for a luxurious experience. 

I look forward to helping you on your Healing Journey soon!

Love Paula xx