Dumpling 100

Simple ingredients yet bursting with flavour – at Dumpling 100 we know our range is simply the best. Our mission is to bring you only the highest quality dumplings that use local, premium and flavoursome ingredients. 

During Chinese New Year, making dumplings with family members is one of the most precious family reunion times the Chinese get. It’s a celebration of love and connection. Something that many people don’t get the chance to do very often (unfortunately), given the busy and hectic lives we lead. 

That’s why we’re committed to a simple idea- every meal is an opportunity to connect.

Our hope is to encourage more love and laughter in your life. What better way to achieve that than to share our dumplings, made with our Mum’s unique, traditional and secret recipe originating from our hometown in China.

Leave the cooking to us, and give yourself more time to bask in the sweet company of loved ones.

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