DIRAMU Skincare

DIRAMU Skincare is a brand whose roots are in the Murray Riverlands region of South Australia. The products are the result of purpose-driven science and agriculture, to provide natural skincare with a positive impact along the entire supply chain, from soil to serum.

DIRAMU is inspired by Dominic Smith, a local Indigenous grower and community leader, who has a passion for sustainable agriculture and empowering local youth. Dom specialises in growing drought resilient Australian native plants through water-wise aquaponics, like the Native River Mint in our SOOTHE Serum.

Dom partnered with an Australian phyto-tech company to extract natural molecules for a range of 'True to Nature' botanical serums. The ingredient manufacturer's unique process uses rain-harvested water to harness the botanicals' natural molecules, delivering the brilliance of nature’s design. DIRAMU is uncomplicated skincare, simply delivering skin-loving nutrients directly from fruits, flowers, leaves, etc.

Dom is on a mission to create positive environmental and social impact, to create opportunities for economic change, boost primary industry inclusion and business opportunities on the ground in his region. DIRAMU is a First Nation Supply brand that delivers the best nature can offer for beautiful skin.

“Together, we are accelerating demand for native botanicals, fostering genuine and sustainable participation in commercializing these species, and enabling communities to improve their social, cultural and economic outcomes.” - Dominic Smith, DIRAMU Founder